At this time, all hosting programs in China have been paused by the CCCWA. If the opportunity arises again in the future, we will provide an update.

Orphan Hosting Program

Orphan hosting provides children an amazing opportunity to be loved by a family and to see life outside their location; but more importantly, it connects potential forever families to these children who may otherwise never have a chance to have a family of their own. Our goal is for all of our adoptable host children to be adopted after their first host trip, whether by their host family or their host family’s community members, extended family or friends. Many of our host families participate with a definite interest in adopting their host child; others have a strong commitment to advocate on behalf of the child to help find an adoptive family during their time in the United States.

Orphan hosting truly is a great way for a family to get to know the child before committing to adoption. It can be intimidating to adopt a child that a family has never had the opportunity to meet. It can also be very stressful for some to take that leap of faith, simply “hoping” that the family dynamic will work out when the child actually joins the household. Hosting an orphan is the perfect way to alleviate some of the pressure of the adoption process by enabling families to have complete peace of mind as they move forward with this life-changing decision. It also helps to raise awareness of the need for adoption among the host families and their network of friends and loved ones.

Registration for our next Orphan Hosting Program is now open! Dates to be announced soon.

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A special note sent from the Turner Family, who participated in our Hosting Program:

Philip and Susan,
We first want to thank you for all of your patience, advocacy, thoughtful support and prayers. We are so blessed that you answered an email inquiry which soon led to us meeting one amazing little girl.
From the moment she toddled out of the plane and met the rest of the family, she has been part of our family. She seamlessly entered our home and our hearts as if she had always been with us. From the day she left we have felt the loss and that something was missing. I don’t know there was any doubt that we felt she was already a part of our family.
You are both amazing people. Your work provides evidence that angels walk among us. We will forever be thankful for you and bringing Liz and the entire hosting family into our lives.
We especially thank God for bringing you and Susan into our lives and providing us the opportunity to welcome Liz to a family.
God Bless You and all you do.